What do Environmental Inspectors do?

Published: 17th June 2009
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When you decide to build a business or residential neighborhood, you have to go through several inspections. Environmental Inspectors are one of the first to be called. The inspector's job is to see what impact your project will have on the surrounding area. The inspectors research what the property was originally used for. They may study the records at the local courthouse for some of this information.

They look for existing contamination from, livestock, hazardous waste, or chemicals. They will take air and soil samples to help with this determination. The inspectors will look for anything that may cause health concerns to the occupants of the property. They will also do a study on how much traffic has been in the area. If it previously had been agricultural, they will do an impact study. This will determine how much traveling they expect for example in a warehouse district. This will help decide the roadways, traffic signals and signs needed for the area. The inspectors will also try to determine the traffic flow and the impact of pollution in the area. To see if it may affect subdivisions in the area.

The first thing they do is research county and governmental records to see if there had been any previous claims or cleanups on the property. Then they look at waste disposal, water treatment plants, underground storage and utilities. Anything that may show contamination of that site or surrounding areas. They do visual inspections as well as ground samples. They may even take aerial photos, look at prior building permits, and they may even check the quality of the materials used in an existing building. To make sure there is no lead base paint, or old asbestos siding or insulation. If this is the case, they will make recommendations as to the proper people to contact. There are companies with specially trained people and equipment to remove and dispose of these harmful items.

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